A nice traffic warden!
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A nice traffic warden!

I have to share this with you. I went to deliver a wedding cake yesterday to a bistro style pub with the tiniest car park in the world. As I pulled in I notice a traffic warden ticketing a white van illegally parked on double yelow lines. After the initial panic at:
a. not finding a parking spot
b. not knowing how to get into the pub
c. knowing the the cake was so heavy that there was no way I could carry it from the public car park down the road,
I was very cheeky and called the warden over. I explained my predicament and he very kindly told me to park on the double yellows, offered to keep an eye on it for me and then even closed the boot of my car when I had my arms full of wedding cake.
Who said that traffic wardens are teh devil's spawn?