Wedding cakes and venues don't always mix!
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Wedding cakes and venues don't always mix!

I thought I would share my nightmare day with you. Yesterday I had a wedding cake to deliver for a lovely lady that I have known for years. I've done this loads of times before and barring the odd hiccup I have never had a problem. But then again I have never had to provide a cake for a reception on a moving steam train! Had I known that it would be moving I think I would have tried to pursuade the bride to change he cake design.
The wedding cake in question was a standard chocolate fudge cake with handmade flowers and peacock feathers but it was to be placed on top of a 6 tier cupcake stand with 60 hand decorated chocolate fudge cupcakes. Well lets just say it didn't happen! And I am grateful for all the years I have spent standing around rugby pitches! It was quite a catch!
I am eternally grateful to the staff of Llangollen railway cafe who let me take over their tiny kitchen to repair the damage to the cake. Not only that but they made me a cup of tea to help calm me down.
All came good in the end, the cake was fixed and the cupcakes "glued" to the stand with royal icing. Didn't look anything like it should have but at least the bride and groom had a cake to cut and the guests didn't have to look out for flying cupcakes every time the train bumped over a join in the tracks.
In retrospect I think a stacked 3 or 4 tier wedding cake might have been a better option. So from for all brides to be out there designing their ideal wedding cake please take pity on your cake maker and choose a cake that works with the venue and not against it!