Groom's cakes in the UK
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Groom's cakes in the UK

Recently I was asked to design and provide a traditional wedding cake for a young bride and groom. Nothing strange about that, you might say, but I was then asked to provide a Lord of The Rings inspired groom's cake. For a wedding in ENGLAND! How shocking! We simply don't do that sort of thing over here!
Well, that got me thinking about the concept of groom's cakes and I decided to read up on them. My only recollection of a groom's cake was the red velvet armadillo cake from "Steel magnolias" and watching Ace of Cakes. I thought groom's cakes were an American thing but it would seem I am wrong. It is thought that the tradition could date back to Romans and there are links with the English with unmarried Victorian women passing a piece of cake through the bride's wedding ring.
Traditionally the groom's cake is ordered by the bride for the groom from their wedding cake decorator and it should reflect some aspect of the groom's personality. It should then be cut by the groom and given to every unmarried female at the wedding, in the hope that they will dream about their future husband that night.
I have to admit I quite like the idea of the groom's cake because all too often every aspect of the wedding becomes centred around the bride and making everything absolutely perfect. Brides can become control freaks without meaning to and  leave the poor groom out or any decision making. The groom's cake is the perfect solution.
By allowing the groom to design his own cake, choose the flavour (so what if your Great Aunt Mabel doesn't peanut butter and jelly cake) and have sole control of this tiny part of the overall day, he feels part of it.
From a cake designer's point of view as much as I enjoy making the wedding cakes, I am really looking forward to bringing out my inner Hobbit and making that particular groom's cake.