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Life as we know it!

Wedding cakes and venues don't always mix!

I thought I would share my nightmare day with you. Yesterday I had a wedding cake to deliver for a lovely lady that I have known for years. I've done this loads of times before and barring the odd hiccup I have never had a problem. But then again I have never had to provide a cake for a reception on a moving steam train! Had I known that it would be moving I think I would have tried to pursuade the bride to change he cake design.
The wedding cake in question was a standard chocolate fudge cake with handmade flowers and peacock feathers but it was to be placed on top of a 6 tier cupcake stand with 60 hand decorated chocolate fudge cupcakes.

A nice traffic warden!

I have to share this with you. I went to deliver a wedding cake yesterday to a bistro style pub with the tiniest car park in the world. As I pulled in I notice a traffic warden ticketing a white van illegally parked on double yelow lines. After the initial panic at:
a. not finding a parking spot
b. not knowing how to get into the pub
c. knowing the the cake was so heavy that there was no way I could carry it from the public car park down the road,
I was very cheeky and called the warden over. I explained my predicament and he very kindly told me to park on the double yellows, offered to keep an eye on it for me and then even closed the boot of my car when I had my arms full of wedding cake.

Nothing is free or so it seems

Does anyone else who has a little business constantly get bombarded with phone calls from advertising companies? I was flattered initially until I realised that it was going to cost me money! I can't count the number of calls I have had to take part in Bridal Fayres but they charge anything from £30 to £200 for a stall. Needless to say I will stick to my trusty little website and good old If anyone knows of a better way please let me know!

Where has all the marzipan gone?

I know it is that time of year when people are making Christmas cakes but I cannot buy any substantial amounts of marzipan for love nor money. It is a good job I inherited my great aunt's old cook books and have managed to find a recipe for marzipan otherwise I would be stuffed. I'll let you know how it turns out as it is brewing now!

Doesn't time fly

Is it just me or does this year seem to have gone incredibly fast? I have to admit I am up to my elbows in cakes, mince pies and gingerbread men. I haven't even had time to think about what we will be eating on Christmas Day. It'll be beans on toast at this rate. But I won't panic, I'll keep taking the prozac and at least Ben finishes school on Friday so no more school run. I might just make it!

Caught red handed!

I have spent almost the entire day making miniature red and black roses. It is so fiddly to do because they are so small. Needless to say I look like Lady Macbeth. "Out, out damn spot!"

Christmas is coming1

It has finally struck home today that Christmas is just around the corner. Needless to say I have gone into a bit of a Yuletide frenzy. I have wrapped the few present that I have bought. I have written my cards and have a few to spare - I always forget someone! I've started freezing cookie dough- we always have freshly baked cookies and milk on Christmas morning whilst we open our pressies. I've made my various chutneys and even finished making my Very Berry Schnapps. All I've got to do now is get into the attic to get the tree down.

Bloody weather

Why is it that in Flintshire County Councils infinite wisdom, having ensured the main roads are cleared of snow, they haven't done the same with the pavements? I have managed to cut my knee open and jar my back having slipped on the ice this morning. To add insult to injury my bloody whippets then bounced on me when I tried to get up! 

It is stupidly cold!

I have just spent the morning teaching A Level Biology at my local High school and it was so cold in the lab, only 8°C with the heating going full belt, that we had to light Bunsen Burners to keep warm. Needless to say I taught the lesson in my big outdoor coat and the kids kept their hats, gloves and scarfs on!


Why is it that the only thing my child has actually asked for is not available until after Christmas?


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